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What is Sparks?

A spark is the start of what can grow into something bigger under the right conditions. This is our starting point and philosophy on how ideas ignite and people can develop beyond their usual boundaries. Delivering an impromptu speech, addressing conflict or building a team takes skill, confidence, and an awareness of others that doesn’t come naturally to most people. However, these skills can be learned and enhanced.

Each of us improvise during the day in our personal and professional lives without a script. At Sparks, we help others improve this skill in a safe and supportive environment while discovering new possibilities. Improvisation is mistakenly often thought of as a spontaneous activity, with little to no preparation or thought. One of the paradoxes of improvisation is that you need to practice being spontaneous and in the moment until it comes naturally. 

Improvisation is about being more aware in the moment and being flexible to change. Through improvisation training, people can retrain their brains to become more creative, become better public speakers and active listeners and react more positively to difficult situations that may arise. 

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