Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Sparks offers a range of experiential courses and trainings for individuals, businesses and organizations using applied improvisation principles. In addition to these, we offer consulting services for strategic communication needs.

Sparks works with a number of Geneva-based professionals in the field of organizational development, background research and the arts. Our trainers are multi-lingual and have broad international experience in working for the private and public sectors, as well as for non-profit organizations.

Sparks is a leading member of the Applied Improvisation Network, which encourages research on improvisation and promotes knowledge and information on improvisation in business.


Our team


Renatus is passionate about developing empathic, authentic and charismatic leaders at all levels who use their full intellectual and emotional potential for the benefit of their organizations.

He’s spent over 20 years using training methods that are highly engaging and blend proven leadership and teamwork theories along with experience-based learning in a safe and entertaining environment. He trains global leaders, multi‐cultural and cross-functional teams on topics, such as: adaptive leadership, team effectiveness, convincing communication and conflict handling.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Renatus is fluent in English, French and Dutch and studied Business Administration and the Performing Arts. He is also certified trainer for trainers at the global Applied Improvisation Network, as well as a trained Co-Active and Solution Focus coach.

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