Corporate Trainings

How do you prepare individuals for the unexpected professionally, when the challenges they face depend more on how they think and act?

How can improvisation help your business?

The mechanics of successful business and successful improvisation essentially parallel each other. They both engage in solving a problem, while creating or discovering something new, within a set of constraints:

  • In business, either profit or not-for-profit, the constraints are often represented by money, time, talent, resources, and the self-imposed limitations of “conventional wisdom”
  • Improvisation is constrained by its rules and the different characteristics inherent in individual exercises and group activities, and the learning is directly applicable to business

Improvisation is about developing the ability to act and react in the moment in order to get positive results. It takes planning and preparation. Our workshops positively shift a person’s natural way of thinking to develop attentiveness, the ability to listen and be aware of others, and build confidence to make strong choices instinctively and spontaneously.

Organizations that stay flexible can take advantage of new opportunities, explore new ways of working, and more quickly resolve problems. Pepsi, McDonald’s and the United Way are amongst the growing number of businesses internationally that are using improvisation in their corporate training programs (Glazer, 2008).

What can your staff expect at a Sparks training?

At Sparks, we work with you to tailor a programme to your company’s unique needs. We focus on key areas of development to improve group creativity, collaboration, communication, motivation and innovation through experiential improvisational training and facilitation. We keep things fresh and fun to motivate the team and encourage participation from even the shyest members and where English is not a first language.  These hands-on workshops are stimulating, provocative and immediately applicable.

Our workshops can help your team improve:

  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict management
  • Individual and group decision-making
  • Change management
  • Working in culturally diverse environments

Get in touch with us today to discuss your individual requirements.  We look forward to tailoring a course to maximize the strength and performance of your team.


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